PYC Centenary Day & Raft Race – Saturday 12th August

Come and Join us for our Centenary day celebrations at PYC.

Free entertainment and fun in the afternoon and eveneing – with the return of the Raft race at 4pm. Rules and enrty information below:



Raft Race Rules

1)         All entrants compete at their own risk. Pembrokeshire Yacht Club will not be held liable for any injury or loss howsoever caused. All competitors MUST wear life jackets or approved buoyancy aids.
Competitors must note that the wearing of life jackets or buoyancy aids is a condition of entry. Competitors not wearing suitable lifejackets or buoyancy aids will NOT be allowed in the race.

2)         Toxic containers must NOT be used.  Any container that has been used for the storage of any toxic or harmful substance previously will NOT be allowed on the water.

3)         All entrants MUST be 10 years old or over and be able to swim in open water. All under 18’s will require parental/guardian consent.

4)         Fragmentable materials e.g., bare polystyrene blocks, will not be permitted to minimise waste issues.

5)         All rafts must be constructed of used/waste materials e.g., planking, barrels, tyre inner tubes etc.

6)         No rafts may be based on a canoe or boat hull, or have a single, ‘smooth line’ design and must be built with the spirit of the event in mind.

7)         All paddles are to be ‘home-made’ and must not be re-used ‘commercially’ produced blades.

8)         The maximum number of people on a raft is 8. The minimum is 3.

9)         No interference with other competitors/teams is allowed. Anyone deemed by the organisers to have consumed excess alcohol before the race will not be allowed to take part. This is for competitors’ and others safety.

10)       All Team Captains must report to the Race officials on arrival by 2pm, in order for the rafts to be scrutineered between 2-3pm and be provided with their race numbers. Depending on the severity, any rafts/teams found not to be following the rules, or the ‘spirit’ of the event may be:

  1. a) Asked to make immediate minor modifications as defined by the scrutineer.
  2. b) Allowed to enter the race but be ineligible for an official placing.
  3. c) Disqualified, and thus barred from entry.

11)        Any raft deemed by the scrutineers to be incapable of finishing the race, or which is likely to pose a danger to its crew or other participants, will NOT be allowed to take part.

12)       The scrutineers’ decision on the suitability or otherwise of a raft/team is final. No debate will be entered into.

13)       All rafts must be cleared from the finish line at the beach by 6pm on the day of the race at the latest.

14)       No debris whatsoever is to be left on the beach or on the premises of Pembrokeshire Yacht Club.

15)       All Competitors will be required for the Safety Briefing at 3:00pm, where the Course, starting and finishing rules will be explained, along with the signing of the declaration sheets for each competitor.

16)       All teams will be given their start number (on a plasticised A4 sheet) and this must attach this securely and visibly to the rafts in order for the race officials to see when finishing.

17)       A team finishes the race when the whole of their raft passes through the finish line with ALL of the registered crew onboard.

No Entry will be accepted after Sunday 6th August.

To enter the raft race, please contact Christian Smart via email: