Rowing is mentally as well as physically demanding and is an excellent way to keep fit and compete or to just enjoy the water and team spirit.

The Yacht Club has an active group of both types of rowers who are active throughout the year. We are affiliated to the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and have training teams who compete regularly in the Longboat League. The races take place during the summer months and we also host our own regatta.
We also have an enthusiastic group who row to build their fitness whilst enjoying the social aspects of the sport throughout the year. The rowing section has an excellent social scene.

Our boats are Celtic Longboats, a traditional design brought up to date in GRP by Dale Sailing. We have three boats “Son of a Beach”, Ta-Kee-La” and “OOOps.” With four people rowing, plus the Cox can tear along at seven knots, when everyone pulls their weight, although normal cruising speed is about 5 knots. We enjoy a good rowing area from the club house including trips to Dale, Thorne Island, Angle and Blackbridge.
The rowing section is open to all and if you have not rowed before don’t worry as instruction is always provided. We do guarantee a friendly welcome and a relaxed opportunity for you to try a new sport.

A link to our facebook page – PYC Rowing