Parking of Vehicles and trailers in Compound

Notice to Members

‘Parking of Vehicles and trailers in Compound’

Dear members

We are having a continued number of issues arising this year with regard to the parking of boat trailers in the compound after the owners have launched their boats.

The compound is very nearly full now and as the boat parking is obviously a lot busier, and as a result we have started to have more issues with members returning to the compound with their trailers still attached to their vehicles and parking somewhere in the compound where they think they are out of the way, but they are not… Quite often either blocking in other members boats, or access to the Club cellar or flat.

Going forward

  • It is no longer allowed for you to leave your trailer attached to your vehicle if you wish to park back inside the compound.
  • Simply detach your trailer and place back in you designated boat parking space.
  • If you do not want to disconnect you trailer, or can’t for some reason, you can park OUTSIDE the compound on the road or in car park area to the West of the Club.

Car Parking Spaces

It is also great in one aspect to report that we have had quite a few occasions recently where the compound has been overcrowded with cars. Can we ask that if all car parking spaces are taken up, please think about where you are parking and for how long – are you blocking any boat from getting out, etc? If you are simply having a short stay for a drink and can move the car quickly if needed, then this is not such a big an issue compared to if you’re leaving the club to go out on the water etc.

Again – think about where you park and the implications it may have on other members, and park outside if needed.

May I stress that we are quite sure that no one has done anything intentionally wrong here, it’s simply the Club is getting busier with demand increasing, and in order to keep the compound SAFE and as easy as possible for all of us to use as and when we want to, this is the obvious way forward.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Pembrokeshire Yacht Club