Compound Security

Important Information Please read

Security of Boat Parking Compound – Pembrokeshire Yacht Club

Despite a recent reminder to all the user members of the boat park, the compound is still being left unattended with the West Gate wide open.  This continuing lapse in an important basic security measure is totally unacceptable and must cease.

When anyone leaves the compound, you have a duty of care to always lock the West Gates, irrespective of the gates being open when you arrived.

To be able to leave without locking the West Gates, you must always physically check with any other person/s still present in the compound that they have the capability of locking up the compound gates, and that they will also undertake this duty when they themselves go.  The only other alternative is that they must leave now with you.

If you cannot find anyone to agree to that requirement, then you must securely lock the compound West Gates before you leave, even if that means you have inadvertently locked someone in.

Help us to protect yours/everybody’s valuable property by complying every time with this basic simple procedure.


“Please Shut the West Gates and Lock Them Closed”


Thank you


Christian Smart


Pembrokeshire Yacht Club