Safety Notice:   6th June 2021

Incident in compound – Boat uncoupled from car and ploughed into stored boats

Dear Members

We had an incident occur over the bank holiday weekend where a member thought they had correctly attached their boat trailer to their vehicle, only to find that as they pulled it out from their parking space, the trailer disconnected from the tow hitch and then started to career downhill. The boat was still building speed when it ploughed into a row of parked boats!

This incident has caused serious damage to three boats, with one a potential write-off. This has obviously caused a lot of stress and hassle to all involved.

We have the incident recorded on our CCTV, and the one saving grace is that this happened at approximately 6am, so apart from the members moving their boat there was no one else in the compound. If this had happened later in the day when the compound was much busier, then it could well have been a more serious or even tragic event!

So can I please remind everyone to make sure that when they connect the trailer to their vehicle, that the tow hitch/coupling is actually locked over the tow ball, AND as a back-up that your safety line is also connected to your vehicle. This incident could have been avoided if this safety line was connected.

Please also check that your safety line is in good condition for this purpose. Some safety chains/wires/ropes we have looked at appear to be sub-standard. Some useful information attached here

We will do some random checks, and going forward we will add this safety line as a pre-requisite to boat parking requirements. However, for your own benefit, please check it out ASAP.


On a slightly different with regard to boat parking, we have a few complaints recently where members have launched their boats and then driven back into the compound and parked up with the trailer still attached, blocking in other boats. Although keeping your trailer attached is not a problem if there is room to do so, please do not park in such a way that could block any other boats that may wish to move while you are out in your boat. You may need to unhitch your trailer and put back in your bay or even park outside the compound if you want to keep your trailer attached.

Thank you




Pembrokeshire Yacht Club