Dinghy Information

The Club has an active Sail Training and Race Coaching programme please see separate page.

The Club also has racing every Friday night at 7pm from April to September.

At present the following dinghies are sailed at PYC :-

  • Optimist
  • Topper
  • D Zero
  • Topper Sport 14
  • GP14
  • Laser
  • Laser 4.7
  • Blaze
  • RS 200
  • RS 400
  • RS 600
  • RS Aero
  • RS Feva
  • RS Quest
  • Solution

All sailing boats including dinghies have a unique handicap, know as it’s PY or Portsmouth Yardstick number, which is given out and updated where required each year by the governing body, the RYA. This handicap system is designed in general terms to ensure all boats can be raced against one-another and be competitive – meaning that it is down to the sailors input or ‘Output’ as to how well they do in each race….!

The RYA web site has comprehensive info about the different dinghies available along with their current Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) number.

[Last updated 5/12/2018]