Close Finish to Race 2 Cruiser Summer Series

By Gordon - Last updated: Sunday, July 17, 2011

Following the gales  of last week, race 2 was sailed in a light north-easterly, with race officer Steve Rees sending the fleet down to S1 thern beating in to Sandy Haven, beforte returning home. The fleet strung out oln the 120 diown to S1, with the spinnaker boatsof Serifos,  Egomonia and Ariel  pulling ahead of the whire sail boats.  Rounding S1 and going hard on the wind, it was nortable in that each boat in turn found themselves able to sail 5 – 10 deg. higher than the boat in front.  Carpe Diem, trailing the fleet, thought they had got the course wrong, and were  mightily relieved when the leaders tacked over towards them, the fleet closing right up due to this wind  condition. After Sandy Haven, Serifos took off, leaving the rest of the fleet trailing.  Rounding Al Kohr on the way home, Carpe Diem managed to sail over the top of Anna B, and then Egomania sddenly slowed up and suffered the indignity of having Carpe Diem sail over the top of her, and simultaneously Ariel sailing through to leeward.  Later, she founf a bunch of seaweed had caughtg up on her keel.  Bazd luck, Geoff!  Crossing the line, Serifos was the clear winner, while Anna B just beat Carpe Diem by about 40 seconds.  Ariel just lost out by 4 seconds  to Carpe Diem, while Egomania plus weed brought up the rear.   A very pleasant evenings sail

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Carnival success for PYC

By Gordon - Last updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For those of you who were not able to watch the carnival last Saturday, PYC entered as “Chief Hubba and his Viking Warriors of Gellyswick”. PYC achieved the runner up trophy in the pub and club class and won the shield for the best theme for the second year running.

We received excellent feedback from spectators about the float and outfits and it was a shame not to win the £1000 prize for the best entry – but then there is always next year!

An enjoyable day was had by all and a big thank you to everyone who took part on the day and worked behind the scenes to convert the club longboat into a Viking ship ! This was a great advert for the Yacht Club, and I thank all members of the Rowing Section for their efforts.
Norman Williams. Commodore.

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Wednesday Night Cruiser Racing

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Sunday, July 3, 2011
August 3, 2011
6:00 pm

Starting at Miford Marina, lock out @ 18:33 Free Flow back in up to 21:38

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Close End to Spring Series

By Gordon - Last updated: Thursday, June 30, 2011

The last race in the cruiser series started with Serifos in 1st. place, Egomania 2nd, and Carpe Diem 3rd.  The race started in a fresh WNW breeze, and all boats got off to a good start.  Shortly into the race, Serifos suffered a broken genoa sheet, and was forced to tack over to carry out repairs, dropping  them down the fleet.  Anna B, back from their Irish cruise, was romping away, loving the conditions.  As the fleet got to the South Hook jetty, the wind started to moderate. Carpe Diem shook out their reefs and started to make headway, passing Anna B, as did the recovering Serifos.  As the fleet rounded the windward mark at Chapel, Serifos had a boat lengths lead on Carpe Diem, with Anna B not far behind.  Egomania was struggling at this stage, the breeze not to her liking.  After a reach to Behar, the course was back up the river, with a gybe mark at Al Kohr.  With her kite up, Serifos started to pull away, while the white sail boats Care Diem and Anna B could not properly gull wing, and thus slowed up. Egomania also hoisted her kite, and ominously started to reel in the bigger boats in front.  The fleet only just got across the finish line in a dying breeze before the lock gates shut, thanks to a very considerate lock keeper, with Serifos managing to pull back from an unfavourable handicap position at the windward mark and finish 1st.  Egomania made up enough ground to score a 2nd place on corrected time, with Carpe Diem 3rd.

However, the series score had a sting in the tail, as Carpe Diem was able to discard a DNC, and the overall series position was Serifos 1st, Carpe Diem 2nd and Egomania 3rd.

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Digest of the Minutes of the June 2011 Meeting

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Appreciation has been expressed for the efforts of our part-time bar staff during the absence of our Steward due to his incapacity.


Our bar business is slowly improving, though our Treasurer has warned against complacency.


We have events planned for the end of June, and one event has been put back to 20th. August. We have solved the problems of the glitches on the website, now this will be handled by one person. Buffet menus have been put on the website so that potential hirers of the club have an idea of what we can provide.


Our Steward will be returning to work at the end of the month. The summer club opening times will be published.

Some members have commented on the cleanliness of the toilets.


Membership numbers seem to be increasing. The SHLNG Social Corporate Membership will be valid until 30th. September 2011, they can then apply for normal membership if they wish.


Some teething problems with the new rescue boat seem to have been ironed out, with the exception of the radio. This is still not 100%. The Commodore will contact the suppliers to try to rectify this.


The CYRC Regatta planned for last weekend had to be cancelled due to the bad weather. We hope to rearrange this to be on the same date as our club regatta. We have acceded to a request from PCRC to contribute £50 to the regatta. MHPA have not sponsored them this year.


We will purchase chains, ropes, anchors etc. to bring our rescue boat fleet up to scratch. We will be improving the security of keys held in the starting deck.

Adult dinghy sailing training now takes place on Tuesdays. All are welcome.


We have space for up to about 10 boats in the compound, and, we have decided that next year the parking fees will rise by 5%.

Our Rowing Section is going to paint the exterior of the club. The club pays for the paint, and the rowers will provide the labour. At the same time that the painting is going on, we hope to have a cleanup of the compound. Volunteers to help with the cleanup will be appreciated.

More information will be put on the notice near the east gate.

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Wednesdays Cruiser Racing Results are now available – click link

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Early Summer Series 2- Result

By Julian_Owens - Last updated: Saturday, June 11, 2011
June 10, 2011
7:00 pm
7:00 pm

Early Summer Series 2 – Result

Race 2 of series began in light variable conditions with a competitive start. Paul Rendell (Phantom) leading from Julian Owens (Blaze) with the rest of fleet close by. The next few legs saw Alan Watkins (Iso) pass Rendell and take what looked like a winning lead. The run down to Cunjic saw Jeff and Tom Arnold (Topper Sport) close down on the fleet as the wind filled in.

Paul Rendell (Phantom)
Paul Rendell (Phantom)

Some tricky conditions approacing Gelliswick Bay saw Watkins stuck in a hole letting Rendell, Stefan Smart (Blaze) and Andy Witcher (Blaze) close the gap. With conditions freshening Rendell held on for the win with Smart second and Whitcher third. Full results on .

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Dinghy Spring Series Results

By Julian_Owens - Last updated: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A closely fought series ended for the dinghies with Christian Smart and Chris Holman taking the honours in an RS800 with 2nd going to Paul Rendell (Phantom) and 3rd Julian Owens (Blaze). Full results are on the website . In the 6 races sailed there were 5 different winners.

Conditions varied from too light to sail to hook on and hang on with some tricky downwind legs against some big tides leaving the new rescue boat sponsored by South Hook being called into action a number of times.

Race 1 saw 7 entries and a convincing win for Alan Watkins in the Iso in light conditions. Following the cancelling due to no wind the previous week Race 2 took place in light conditions and saw a Phantom 1/2 Paul Rendell winning with Gareth Jones in 2nd. Race 3 saw a Blaze 1/2/3 (Owens, Whitcher and Prytherch) in lightish conditions.

Race 4 saw gusts of nearly 20 knots and with the wind against the tide some large waves left everyone swimming except Stefan Smart who went on to take the win. See pictures on .

Ross Prytherch (Blaze)

Race 5 in lighter winds than the previous week saw Christian Smart and Chris Holman take their first win. Race 6 saw the return of stronger winds with a few capsizes and one dismasting (Bromhall) but no lasting damage with a further win for Smart and Holman taking the series by 2 points from Rendell.

The series will be remembered by a few for a big red bouy called Cunjic which is not the ideal place for your first gybes of the new season.

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Digest of the Minutes of the May 2011 Meeting

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, May 12, 2011

This month we are unfortunate to have two of our important people in hospital. Our Commodore, and our Steward. We wish them both well.

We have had a letter from PCC concerning the land to the west of the compound, and have replied outlining what we would like to use it for.

We have also been notified that we will be having an inspection by PCC for H & S purposes.

Members poorly supported the two events Easter Bingo and Royal Wedding events. We have events planned for the cruiser weekend. We hope that this will be better supported. There are also events being planned for June.

We hope that we will have an input into the forthcoming MHPA arranged cruiser race to Ireland.

We have Double Dragon beer on sale, and it is selling well.

Membership numbers seem to be slowly increasing.

Dinghy sailing has got off to a good start, and we are pleased at the response we have had to the request for people to man the rescue boats on dinghy nights. Now that we have had the new rescue boat, we will set up a rota and record the usage of each of the 3 boats to try to balance out their running time. Adult dinghy training will start soon.

Following last week’s meeting regarding the “No anchoring proposal over certain weed beds” we are of the opinion that this should not create too many problems, apart from seeking permission to lay moorings and drop marker buoys. Our Commodore will be in contact with MHPA about this.

Congratulations rowers, first in the Veterans Mixed Team Race, the trophy is on display in the club.

Following false alarms on the fire alarm system, we have contacted OCON to check the system out. We will contact Dale Sailing to see if they have had any instructions from PCC to repair the pontoon in the bay.

We will be carrying out some minor repairs and decorations to the club over the next few months.

The issue of membership cards to junior members will improve the control of entry to the club.

SHLNG will be taking publicity photographs on 18th. May of the official handover of the rescue boat they donated.

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Digest of the Minutes of the April 2011 Meeting

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, May 12, 2011

There is much correspondence going around at present concerning the MHPA no anchoring proposal in Longoar Bay. Additionally, there seems to be confusion regarding the MHPA letter about mooring charges.

Bar takings for March were better than the same month last year. We are drawing up data for bar takings daily and monthly to enable us to develop a future strategy.

During the coming month we have a few events planned.

On Saturday 24th. April we will have a family event and also for the children an Easter Egg Hunt in the compound. Everyone will be welcomed. On the day of the Royal Wedding thee will be a BBQ and a disco.

We will be stocking guest ale Celtic Pride on a trial basis.

All junior members should apply for full adult membership as soon as they are 18 years old.

Dinghy sailing will be underway again this year in a week or so. We should be able to provide adult dinghy sail training this year. For this purpose we are looking to buy a two-man dinghy.

The new SHLNG sponsored rescue boat will be collected shortly. In addition we are seeking prices for a 15hp long shaft engine for the Jenneau. This will give us three rescue boats.

The 420 will be offered for sale as soon as it has been washed.

In recognition of their generous sponsorship, we are offering SHLNG staff free Social Membership of the club until the end of September.

We have a problem with young people playing around the club. The rule is, non-members will be asked to leave.

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