Digest of the Minutes of the January 2012 Meeting.

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, January 12, 2012

Digest of the Minutes of the July 2011 meeting


Well done the rowers in raising the cash to buy and kit out the new longboat. Delivery due in March.


December’s bar trading was slightly down on last year. We are going ahead with facilities for members to use credit/debit cards in the club.


We have a number of events planned for the first quarter. It looks like our first regatta will be in June.

Food will be available in the club for the screening of the Six Nations Rugby matches.


We have had some prices for the supply of beer etc., and will be getting more before we commit ourselves to a supplier. We are carrying out a survey of members to try to establish the brands of beer/lager they would prefer. Please give your views. We will be having promotional sales in the near future, to include reduced prices and T-shirts etc.,

The leg on the pool table is out of line; we have decided to try to get a repair done before considering buying a new table.


If all members who have either not yet paid or underpaid their membership fees we would have about £2,000 extra in the bank. Currently we have three boats in the compound, fees paid, but the owners have not yet paid membership fees.


The prize for the winter dinghy series was not given; we thought that there had not been enough racing to warrant this. The prize will now be used later in the year. We hope to host a rowing regatta in July.

MHPA has expressed an interest in meeting with sailors to discuss the relationship between pleasure and commercial shipping.


We have received the new light columns, and we hope that they will be erected and the lights fixed soon. We will contact Dŵr Cymru about painting their hut in the compound.

The date of the April Meeting will be put back one day due to Easter, and the AGM will be on 6th. December.

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Digest of the Minutes of the December 2011 meeting.

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Monday, December 19, 2011


Digest of the Minutes of the December 2011 meeting.


We have received the new lease for the marina starting deck, and carried out the fire risk assessments requested.


There was nothing surprising in the monthly audit figures.


We have decided that this year for our members, we will put on a free disco with some nibbles for New Year’s Eve. The Entertainment Committee is seeking new members and ideas. To this end we will host a “Helpers Evening” in January with a view to attract help from members for all sections of the club. There is some confusion regarding the raffle board on the bar.  Money raised by this effort is going towards a new rowing boat.


We will seek another inspection from PCC Environmental Dept. to see if we can improve on our Food Hygiene Rating that is on the PCC Food Hygiene website. We have meeting s with PCC and the brewery rep.

Christmas Holiday opening hours has been agreed and is published. We need to encourage members to use the club for birthdays, parties etc.,

The prizes for the cruiser and dinghy presentations have been purchased.


Payments for boat parking for the coming year have started to come, 9 people have informed us they will not be parking their boats in the club next year.


New lights for the compound will be completed by end of January or early February 2012.  We have spoken to PCC about the land to the west of the compound and currently we await their offer.


There is a shortage of members willing to serve on committees. We need all the help members can give. It’s your club, help to shape it’s future.

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Digest of the minutes of the November 2011 meeting.

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, November 17, 2011

Digest of the Minutes of the July 2011 meetingDigest of the minutes of the November 2011 meeting.



We have been told the proposed PPL licence increase will now be deferred until after January 2013.


Our bank balances are looking healthy at present due to the income from membership and boat parking fees, but we have not yet had any significant expenditure.


The Halloween events were good for the children’s afternoon, but the adult evening event was poorly attended.

During December we have a number of events planned, details of which will be on the notice board in due course.

As food provision on Fridays is being deferred until Spring 2012, we will revert to opening the bar at 19.00.


There are still a number of members who have not paid the correct membership fees. Our Membership Secretary will be contacting them to correct the matter.


Last month we had a meeting with Ben Smith from WYA, he advised us that he might be able to help us attract young new members to the club. Instruction is the key to getting young people involved. The PYF regattas dates have been arranged for June 2012.Our Commodore and Membership Secretary have had a meeting with Nathan Hewitt MHPA to discuss the locking times.


Boat parking vouchers have been issued to those who have paid their boat parking fees; others will be issued in due course.

We will be looking for racking facilities for smaller boats and canoes.


Due to the government changes on feed in tariffs for solar panels, we have decided that we will now consider this in the future.

We have decided to go ahead to replace four lighting columns in the compound.

We now have some idea of costs to get the land west of the compound ready for use by the club, and we will be contacting PCC to see if we can negotiate suitable terms.

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Light Winds Favour Small Boats in Race 5

By Gordon - Last updated: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Race 5 of the Winter Series gave the fleet light airs and good weather, which proved much to the benefit of the smaller boats.  It was good to see the 707 fleet extended to three boats with the arrival of John Mecklenburg with Wishful Thinking.  Race Officer Henry Lloyd set an adventurous course considering the light winds, which worked out very well.  The course sent the fleet down on a reach down to S1 off Chapel Bay via Cunjic and East Angle, then a beat across to Sandy Haven, a dead run to Stack, followed by another beat to Montreal Rock, then a reach back to S1 and a fetch back to East Angle, tightening up to being hard on the wind back to Cunjic and on to the finish line off Hakin Point, with a final reach to Milford Self before a return to the start/finish line.

Wind was light at the start, but all boats got away cleanly, with Double Trouble and Unhinged quickly in the lead, though Crazy Horse was showing well.  The bigger boats had a bit more of a struggle in the light conditions, with Anna B, Celeritas and Carpe Diem bringing up the rear.  Carpe Diem managed to get in front of the other two by using her cruising chute, but as the reach tightened as they approached S1, Anna B was coming back strongly.  The fight at the front was resolving into a steady lead for Unhinged, with Double Trouble and Crazy Horse in hot pursuit, but not able to make significant inroads on the water, but Unhinged lead was not enough to overcome her handicap.  At the rear of the fleet, Carpe Diem was on something of a learning curve with her cruising chute, and Anna B and Celeritas  managed to pass her on the dead run to Stack.  This order stayed to the finish, and on corrected time Double Trouble won convincingly, with Crazy Horse second and Egomania third.

In the series, this result has put Double Trouble into the lead with 3 wins counting after discards, with Unhinged second counting 2 wins and a second.  So only one point separates them.  Crazy Horse is in third place with 8 points.

Anyone interested in trying their hand at crewing should contact the Commodore Norman Williams on 01646697099

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Good Sailing Conditions for Race 4 of the Wintyer Series

By Gordon - Last updated: Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Race 4 in the winter series gave a welcome respite from the gales of the previous week with winds of between 12 and 22 kts from the WSW, and while not sunny, was an enjoyable sail for all taking part.

Race officer Billy Williams  had more problems than the competitors. The Port Authority would not let him start the race on time as a gas tanker was coming off South Hook LNG, and also there was a very strong ebb tide during the whole of the race.  With a lock-in at 1330 hrs, this gave him the task of ensuring that all boats finished in time for this.  A course was set from the start line,  beating to Al Kohr off South Hook, then reaching across to Sandy Haven, beating out to Chapel Buoy off Thorn Island, then a broad reach back to Al Kohr, Cunjic, and the finish line at Hakin Point.

Boats got away to a good start, with the exception of Crazy Horse, who was a bit too enthusiastic, and got recalled for being over the line, a handicap which proved difficult to overcome in the 707 fight.  Unhinged and Double Trouble led the fleet away, and this order was to be maintained right through to the finish.  Behind them, there was much closer racing.  Celeritas and Carpe Diem were tussling closely off the start, with Carpe Diem slowly inching ahead.  Egomania was looking quickly for clear air, and Crazy Horse was trying hard to catch up to Ariel.  The reach across to Sandy Haven saw Crazy Horse get ahead of Carpe Diem, and under spinnaker Celeritas and Egomania were clawing back the lead on them that Carpe Diem had established on the beat.  Hardening up on the beat to Chapel, Carpe Diem managed to get back ahead of Crazy Horse, but Unhinged and Double Trouble easily kept their lead.  Rounding Chapel against the strong ebb tide, Carpe Diem was again passed by Crazy Horse by Al Kohr, and as the fleet approached Cunjic buoy, first Celeritas then Egomania, both under spinnaker, picked off Carpe Diem, with Ariel also closing, but unable to make it before the finish on corrected time.   The weather returned to normal service after the boats got in to the marina, with yet more rain in the afternoon.

1st. was Unhinged, with Double Trouble second and Egomania third on corrected time.  In the series, Unhinged leads, with Double Trouble second, and a tie for third place between Egomania and Crazy Horse

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PCRC Honour for Gordon Thompson

By Gordon - Last updated: Thursday, October 20, 2011

At their recent dinner/dance, the Paul Banner Trophy was awarded to PYC mainstay Gordon Thompson for ‘Services to Yachting in the Haven’.

If ever an award was richly deserved, it is this one.  Well done, Gordon, and well done PCRC for their recognition of his services.  Long may they continue.

Norman Williams,


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Digest of the Minutes of the October Committee Meeting.

By Darrel_W - Last updated: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Digest of the Minutes of the October Committee Meeting.

The WYA advised us that HMRC have announced a change in the rate of VAT for the affiliation fees for clubs. The annual fee will however stay the same.
Following a letter received from the Water Ranger about an accident involving young people driving ribs after dark without lights, we have decided that we will ban use of ribs after dark.
We now have some income from membership and boat parking fees coming in. We will explore the benefits of electronic payments to the club, but we must be able to inform the Boat Parking Secretary when parking fees are paid electronically.

The Laying up Supper was a success. We have events arranged for adults and Children for Halloween. The Children’s Christmas Party will be on December 10th. We are looking for a Santa.
The Spring Ball will be on 31st. March 2012.
We will open the club on Saturdays 15th. and 22nd. March at 08.30 for the Rugby World Cup. Details on the club website.

Bar opening hours will be published, and an exterior sign will be put up showing the hours.

We have secured sponsorship of £600 for the Winter Series from MHPA.

We are getting prices for repairs to the lights in the compound, together with prices for paling fence a section of the east fence where there is a hole. Until then the hole will be repaired.

Redecorating of the Committee Room and upstairs kitchen is progressing, we need some estimates for part of the work, and this is being done.

From November our Commodore will be out of commission for about seven weeks.

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Perfect Sailing Conditions for Race 3 of the Winter Series

By Gordon - Last updated: Monday, October 17, 2011

Leaving the locks for the start of Race 3 of the Winter Series, the fleet were greeted by blue skies and a perfect 15 kts breeze.  Race Officer Steve Rees had a slight problem in that the boats had to get back into the entry lock at 1330 hrs., but devised an excellent coarse, starting with a long beat to S1 by Chapel Bay, then a reach across to Montreal Rock in Sandy Haven.  After gybing, the boats then had a run back to East Angle, then the deadest of dead runs back to the Hakin Point ODM.  The course continued to Milford Shelf, then a beat back to Cunjic Buoy, then a dead run back to the finish line.

All boats started well, with Unhinged (Dave Buttigieg) leading the fleet, closely followed by Double Trouble (John Nuttall).  The fleet then settled down to the beat, with much close racing all the way down the fleet.  After a somewhat slow start, Carpe Diem(Darrel Walters) carved through the fleet to get ahead of Serifos(Richard Ayre) by the windward mark, with Celeritas(John Griffiths) also showing well on the beat.  At the windward mark, Unhinged still lead, with Double Trouble second and Carpe Diem third.  On the reach across to Montreal, Serifos managed to power through above Carpe Diem, and Crazy Horse(Alex Lloyd) also manage to squeeze past her on the approach to the buoy.

Kites then came in  to play, and spinnaker  boats managed to draw away from the white sail fleet.  The fleet started to split into three distinct groups, with Unhinged, Double Trouble, Serifos and Crazy Horse in the lead group, followed by the group of Carpe Diem, Celeritas and Egomania(Geoff Mayhew), with Anna B(Trevor Owens) and White Lines(John Davies) having their personal battle a little way back.

On the dead run back to the ODM, Celeritas and Carpe Diem were passing and re-passing each other.  Celeritas with her kite giving her the advantage, managed to get slightly ahead by the ODM, and Egomania similarly managed to squeeze past, and this order stayed until Milford Shelf.

By this point Unhinged was heading for the finish after the beat, and crossed the line over 2 minutes ahead of Double Trouble, with Crazy Horse a further minute and a half behind, and Serifos 30 seconds back.  Carpe Diem tacked out across the Haven away from Celeritas and Egomania, and managed to round Cunjic comfortably ahead of these two, keeping this order to the finish.  Meanwhile, White Lines and Anna B continued their fight to the finish with White Lines beating Anna B by 10 seconds to the line, but losing out on handicap.

The corrected result was a fine win for Double Trouble, with Unhinged second and Crazy Horse third.  The order after the first three places was Egomania, Serifos, Celeritas, Carpe Diem, Anna B, then White Lines.  Whatever the positions, everyone thoroughly enjoyed a great sail in ideal sailing conditions, much appreciated after being becalmed in the first race then gale conditions in race 2.  At  the time of writing, the wind is back to 35 kts with heavy rain.  Pembrokeshire weather.

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Gales Hit the Fleet for Race 2 of the Winter Series

By Gordon - Last updated: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In typical Pembrokeshire style, following the majority of the fleet being becalmed last week, the second race in the Winter Series  gave the fleet steady 30 – 35 kts wind at the start.  Carpe Diem was the first to succumb to the conditions.  Leech line problems caused them to retire as they passed the Valero jetty.  Next to fall by the wayside was Anna B.  Normally, this wind would have been in their favour, but reefing problems meant they were carrying too much canvas, and this resulted in the mainsail disintegrating into three pieces.  The two 707’s, Crazy Horse and Double Trouble, met for the first time this series, and both did spectacularly well to continue on the long and hard beat down to Thorn Island, on a testing course set by race officer Henry Lloyd.

It was a wild ride all the way round the course, with big seas running in from the open sea making for testing conditions between Dakotian and Chapel particularly, and in front of Great Castle Head.  Unhinged led the fleet, but did not consider setting a kite on the way back until in the relative shelter after Chapel Buoy.  Once off the wind, the 707’s started to make up ground spectacularly, surfing towards the finish at Hakin Point at speeds of at least 15 kts, while the bigger boats were performing their version of Rock and Roll.

Unhinged managed to hang on to take victory, with Double Trouble getting the better of Crazy Horse for second and third positions.  We all hope that Anna B is able to get on the water again soon, and everyone hopes for a somewhat more moderate wind next week.

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Winter Series Gets Underway.

By Gordon - Last updated: Monday, October 3, 2011


A good breeze of 15 knots welcomed the fleet for the first race of the PYC Winter Series, and all boded well for the race.  It was good to welcome back John Nuttall to the fleet in his 707, and to see Celeritas back out this year.  Also, the Davies family on White Lines was a welcome sight.  Unfortunately, Serifos was missing.  We all wish Maureen a swift return to full health.

Race officers Gordon Thompson and Bill Williams sent the fleet on a good course down to Al Kohr, then across to Sandy Haven, back to S1, then Behar, Chapel, Montreal, South Hook, Al Kohr and back to the Hakin Point ODM.  Once all the crew were aboard Double Trouble the race started, and everyone got away to a good start, with the 707 Double Trouble leading away hotly pursued by Carpe Diem, then Anna B with the rest in close attendance.  Rounding Al Kohr, Carpe Diem was hot on the heels of Double Trouble, but with spinnaker set, the 707 quickly pulled away, though there was an ominous light patch between Al Kohr and the South Hook LNG jetty.  Double Trouble had a big lead rounding Sandy Haven, and continued to pull further away on the zigzags across the haven.  Carpe Diem likewise opened up a good lead on the rest of the fleet, who were all scrapping away closely.  Rounding Montreal going out to South Hook, the wind got increasingly light and shifty, with massive lifts and headers causing everyone difficulty.  With Double Trouble disappearing over the horizon, Carpe Diem came to a standstill approaching Al Kohr, and had to watch in horror as the rest of the fleet crept up to her. However, the same fate awaited them all, and it was a case of one step forward and two back as the fleet sought to make some against the tide in little or no wind.  You could have virtually thrown a blanket over all the boats at one stage. After some considerable time, the fleet slowly succumbed to the inevitable, and first to retire was Egomania, followed by Carpe Diem, White Lines, Anna B and Celeritas.

Double Trouble alone had made the finish line, so it looks like a first race discard for the rest of the fleet.  Needless to say, Monday saw plenty of wind!  Everyone is looking forward to a better wind next week.

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