Tide Times

Tidal predictions for Milford Haven have been computed by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Copyright Reserved.

The time is mean time of the meridian of Greenwich. The heights are referred to the datum of the largest scale Admiralty chart of the Port and should be added to the depths given on the chart. The datum is 3.71 m. (12.17ft.) below Ordnance Datum for Mean Sea Level (Newlyn) or zero of the automatic tide gauge at the Port Authority Jetty.

The information published in this booklet is provided to assist shipping using the Haven, and while every endeavour is made to ensure that it is accurate, the Milford Haven Port Authority accepts no responsibility for any errors it may contain or for loss or damage of whatever description arising directly or indirectly from matter contained therein.

Download the Tidal Times 2017 – Click Here