Digest of the Minutes of the June 2011 Meeting

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Appreciation has been expressed for the efforts of our part-time bar staff during the absence of our Steward due to his incapacity.


Our bar business is slowly improving, though our Treasurer has warned against complacency.


We have events planned for the end of June, and one event has been put back to 20th. August. We have solved the problems of the glitches on the website, now this will be handled by one person. Buffet menus have been put on the website so that potential hirers of the club have an idea of what we can provide.


Our Steward will be returning to work at the end of the month. The summer club opening times will be published.

Some members have commented on the cleanliness of the toilets.


Membership numbers seem to be increasing. The SHLNG Social Corporate Membership will be valid until 30th. September 2011, they can then apply for normal membership if they wish.


Some teething problems with the new rescue boat seem to have been ironed out, with the exception of the radio. This is still not 100%. The Commodore will contact the suppliers to try to rectify this.


The CYRC Regatta planned for last weekend had to be cancelled due to the bad weather. We hope to rearrange this to be on the same date as our club regatta. We have acceded to a request from PCRC to contribute £50 to the regatta. MHPA have not sponsored them this year.


We will purchase chains, ropes, anchors etc. to bring our rescue boat fleet up to scratch. We will be improving the security of keys held in the starting deck.

Adult dinghy sailing training now takes place on Tuesdays. All are welcome.


We have space for up to about 10 boats in the compound, and, we have decided that next year the parking fees will rise by 5%.

Our Rowing Section is going to paint the exterior of the club. The club pays for the paint, and the rowers will provide the labour. At the same time that the painting is going on, we hope to have a cleanup of the compound. Volunteers to help with the cleanup will be appreciated.

More information will be put on the notice near the east gate.

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